I am a Clinical Psychologist and Communication Ericksonian Psychotherapist. 

My Psychotherapy approach and philosophy is ultimately the same, as stated by the late Milton Hyland Erickson in the quote above in the picture. Another way to put it is: “I developed a new psychotherapy and personality theory for each of my patients!” Milton H. Erickson was undoubtedly the most effective psychotherapist in the up to now history. (You could meet different opinions, presented by mental health professionals, who have different backgrounds. Unfortunately, here, and now this is not the place do go into details, of which are many.) I believe and hope that the approach, described as: I DO NOT SPECIALIZE IN DIAGNOSES, I SPECIALIZE IN PEOPLE, IN THEIR INDIVIDUAL UNIQUE LIFE STORIES AND CIRCUMSTANCES will make some sense to you.

I was lucky that I got into a two-year training program in Ericksonian Psychotherapy, organized by The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Phoenix, Arizona, where I was taught and trained by the most important and famous personal students of Milton Erickson.

I have 25 years of clinical experience. Before I learned about Milton Erickson, I worked in much more traditional ways, in a psychiatric hospital, in a university psychiatric clinic and in a university general hospital. Afterwards I decided to start my own private practice, already as a quite skilled “ericksonian”.

I do:

  • Individual Psychotherapy for all kinds of Psychological or Psychiatric difficulties.

  • Couples Therapy for any kind of couple struggles.

  • Family Therapy, which is often required in many difficult family issues, including those, when only one member of the family seems to suffer from some psychological, psychiatric or psychosomatic difficulties.

  • Psychosomatic Therapy for people suffering from somatic illnesses, which are very often connected to psychological issues. 

My working hours:

Mondays to Sundays 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Prices for one session (up to 100 minutes):

Individual Psychotherapy: 1 500 CZK

Couples and Family Therapy: 2000 CZK

Management mentoring and coaching: 5000 CZK

(I have a lot of experience working for companies in the HR management field)

All payments in cash.

E-mail contact:

My phone number is:

+420 607 130 841

BUT, I often do not answer my phone while working, so it is better to contact me by e-mail

My address:

Řezáčova 70

Brno - Komín

624 00

Regardless of if you drive or use public transportation, your GPS navigation should lead you to this address without problems.

The entrance to the house is not from the side of the street, but from behind.

If you would use public transportation, take the trolleybus number 36 from Česká to the stop Řezáčová. Then you walk some 25 meters back and on your left side you will find a diagonal pavement, which leads directly to the Řezáčova 70 entrance. I have a door bell at the entrance.