By education and training I am a Clinical Psychologist and Communication Psychotherapist. I consider the most important part of my (post gradual) training a two-year training program in Ericksonian Psychotherapy, organized by The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Phoenix, Arizona. I was taught and trained by the most important personal students of the late Milton Erickson. Milton Erickson was undoubtedly the most effective psychotherapist in history.  

At the start of my professional career (25 years ago) I worked in a Psychiatric Hospital, at a University Psychiatric Clinic and in a University General Hospital. Afterwards I opened my own private practice, where I continued to do psychotherapy with people suffering from almost all kinds of psychological, psychosomatic, and interpersonal difficulties.

Nevertheless, ultimately, I do not do therapy oriented towards “all kinds of difficulties”. That is an especially important point. Traditionally, unfortunately, still most psychotherapists (and psychiatrists) steer their therapy towards diagnoses. The problem is that you may have two or hundred people with the same “official diagnose”, but all of them have different, uniquely individual underlying stories and circumstances. This is the reason, why psychotherapy, which worked for person or couple A, will not work for people B. Diagnoses are obsolete and useless.

This is the reason, why when somebody asks me in what kind difficulties do I specialize, my answer is: I DO NOT SPECIALIZE IN DIFFICULTIES, I SPECIALIZE IN PEOPLE, IN THEIR INDIVIDUAL UNIQUE LIFE STORIES AND CIRCUMSTANCES, regardless of some diagnose somebody was labeled with by another mental health “professional”, or by himself or herself, the suffering people,  based on some readings.

As Milton Erickson puts it: “I developed a new psychotherapy for each of my patients!”

The last thing I would like to say in this basic introduction is that I am by far not as good as Milton Erickson was, nevertheless this psychotherapy philosophy and approach made me a much more effective therapist then I was before I became familiar with it, and trained in it.

My working hours:

Mondays to Sundays 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Prices for one session (up to 100 minutes):

Individual Psychotherapy: 1 500 CZK

Couples and Family Therapy: 2000 CZK

Management mentoring and coaching: 5000 CZK

(I have a lot of experience working for companies in the HR management field)

All payments in cash.



Brno - Komín

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